A Murder of Storytellers

A Murder of Storytellers is a Tulsa based publishing company with several anthologies under their belt.

Everyone knows that a gathering of crows is called a murder, but they’re also called a storytelling. As writers, we aim to tell our stories, murdering those errors and fears that hold us back. As publishers, we’re looking for voices in genre fiction that often go ignored or are asked to change. Our goal is to always help each become better writers and foster a sense of community.

If you are looking for horror, weird fiction, dark fantasy, or something to get your heart racing, these are the stories you want to read. Not only do they play inside these genres, they bend them, twist them till they almost break, then push a little farther.

Works include:

For a full list of available novels, check out our catalog.

A Murder of Storytellers presents stories you want to read with a strong cup of coffee and the lights on.


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