Shannon Iwanski

Shannon IwanksiShannon Iwanski is an indie author who lives in Tulsa, OK with his husband, four dogs, two cats, and a bird who thinks she’s his mate. Shannon is an editor for the indie publishing company A Murder of Storytellers and Editor-in-Chief for Inkubus Publishing. He is a member of the Tulsa-based critique group Nevermore Edits and a member of Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, Inc.

Shannon has been writing since he was child. His first works were plays featuring woodland creatures. No matter how much he cajoled his family, they wouldn’t act out the scenes, thus robbing the world of a great body of work. His first novel was written when he was 15 years old. It’s a one thousand page, hand-written monster that will never see the light of day. Only one copy of it exists. It’s better that way.

Ride the Train on Amazon
A Body to Die For on Amazon
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