Mac Boyle

Mac BoyleMAC BOYLE is a writer. With Bill Fisher, he is the co-creator of “The Adventures of Really Good Man.” He has made it his life’s work to put the filmmaker Orson Welles in unusual situations. He is currently working on the third book in the series, where Welles will try to successfully run an Arby’s franchise in Toad Suck, Arkansas*. In his spare time, Boyle works for an un-named federal agency that is one-hundred percent NOT a cover for the CIA. If the universe hadn’t seen fit to create pinball, he might have been truly great man. He lives in Oklahoma** with his wife, Lora.

Follow him on twitter: @partyapocalypse

Orson Welles of Mars on Amazon
The Devil Lives in Beverly Hills on Amazon
Right – A Novel of Politics on Amazon

*That started as a joke, but I’m worried it is now all-too real.
**Not to be braggy, or anything…

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