IPHI Distribution wants to work for you.

If you are an independent author and/or publisher, then IPHI is here to help you maximize both your profits and writing potential. With our distribution network, authors have instant access to commission sellers and resell opportunities across the Midwest. IPHI cannot guarantee any specific sales numbers, but they can promise they’ll do what they can to get your works out there to the public.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Placing works in commission shops.
  • Presenting works during resell opportunities.
  • Setting up signing opportunities.
  • Booth placement opportunities at festivals and conventions.
  • Putting authors in touch with local indie publishers.

Do you write Horror? Romance? Sci-Fi? Inspirational? Non-Fiction? Mystery? Fantasy?
No matter you genre, IPHI will work with you to maximize your exposure.

So, there has to be a catch, right?

Here’s all the fine print:

  1. Authors/Publishers are responsible for providing their own stock. [IPHI does not hold stock unless asked. It is usually collected when orders are placed.] Authors are not obligated to provide stock at any time, except wherein stock is pre-paid for by resellers [Pre-paid orders are not accepted until stock is confirmed available with author.] Authors/Publishers may still be listed as ‘back ordered’ and benefit from online exposure.
  2. All works must be edited by qualified, non-biased, individuals. IPHI can help in locating local editors, or providing resources to online services. IPHI wants your work to be presented at its fullest potential and will work with you to find everything you need.
  3. As conventions typically require booth fees, IPHI may ask authors to contribute to these fees or provide table support. IPHI was developed to bring individuals together for a single goal which means lower, more manageable, costs per person.
  4. While we will represent Erotica works, note that this limits opportunities significantly. However, it also opens up some opportunities not available to non-erotica works.
  5. All taxes are handled by the author/publisher. Authors/Publishers are responsible for reporting income and all other applicable reporting to IRS.
  6. Jessica Coplen, as founder, can refuse to represent any works as she sees fit. Typically this is not an issue as she is very open minded and welcomes everything from the tried-and-true to the fringe-and-macabre. She out-rightly refuses to support any work that promotes any kind of religious hatred, racism, homophobia, sexism, and that ilk.

And that’s all she wrote as of September 2016.

If you are interested in joining IPHI’s community of writers, then contact us today.