Self Publishing 101

Interested in getting into the small business of self publishing? Then on Shop Small Business Saturday, Nov 26th, stop by Decopolis (502 S. Boston Ave, Tulsa) from 1pm to 2pm. Our panel of Self Publisher veterans will be on hand to answer your questions on writing, formatting, printing, marketing, and everything in between.

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Our panel includes:

MAC BOYLE – Owner of the independent publishing house Party Now, Apocalypse Later Industries

SHANNON IWANSKI – Editor for the indie publshing company A Murder of Storytellers and Editor-in-Chief for Inkubus Publishing.

ADREAN MESSMER – Owner and Editor of the indie publisher A Murder of Storytellers.

A.W. SELBY & OKCATE EVITA SMITH – Owners and Operators of Ursa Minor Fiction, an independent publishing house.

Authors will also be available at the following times:

Mac Boyle – 11am to 6pm
Shannon Iwanski – 12pm to 8pm
Donna Leahey – 12pm to 6pm
Adrean Messmer – 12pm to 4pm
A.W. Selby – 1pm to 8pm


Wizard World Tulsa – 2016

Come check out several IPHI authors as they present panels at this year’s Wizard World Comic Con in Tulsa!

Friday, October 21st

A battle royale between villains! What makes a great monster or just plain psycho-antagonist? Creators divulge which characters claim the best villain award. Why do some win our hearts while others creep us out? Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion), Jack Burgos (Dark and Dangerous Things) Shannon A. Thompson (Bad Bloods), and RA Jones (Writer – Wolverine; Captain America) will share their perspectives and creative process including what key ingredients they focus on when creating vicious characters. Don’t miss this thrilling discussion.

Saturday, October 22nd

Congratulations! You’ve written and published your first novel!
Sooo… now what? Join A. W. Selby, author of THE ASTONISHING BOBCAT: HERO WORSHIP and the creative team at Ursa Minor Fiction, for a discussion about the process of writing and publishing the next book in a series, sustaining creative momentum, as well as an exclusive preview reading from Selby’s upcoming novel, THE ASTONISHING BOBCAT TAKES MANHATTAN.

Sunday, October 23rd

This panel will include three to four people who fall in a ‘marginalized’ category. Discussion will center around current and past representation of people of color, women, handicapped, and LGTBQ people among others in popular media. Emphasis on the importance of representation, on media that’s doing it well and places where we could still improve. With panelists: Donna A. Leahey, Adrean Messmer, Jack Burgos, Shannon Iwanski, Kenzi Whala

Sunday, October 23rd

From how a movie reboot should cast its characters to how a comic should draw its female superheroes, questions of gender remain a powerful issue in the world of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, gaming, films, and more. How can we as creators and as fans help to break past these issues to build a more inclusive, less stereotyped fandom? In this panel of local authors, comic book experts, and all-around SFF-loving fans, we’ll discuss what’s working, what isn’t, and where we can go from here. Adrean Messmer to speak.

Ursa Minor Fiction

Ursa Minor Fiction is a Tulsa based publisher of the Astonishing Bobcat series.

A noir detective story with a superhero flare that’s set in the near future, it’s the perfect blend of genres that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Every super’s worst nightmare has come true; a super-powered serial killer stalks the city of Chicago, drenching the streets in the blood of the innocent. When the killer claims the life of famed crime fighter Atlas, the Strongest Man in the World, Bobcat must team up with Atlas’ widowed partner, Zephyr, to hunt the murderer down. What they find will lead them to the heart of a conspiracy that threatens every super in America … and a monster that even Bobcat may be powerless to stop…

The superhero genre has always been a vehicle for addressing social issues and writer/publisher A. W. Selby pulls very few punches. He takes the genre down to its core and builds it back up, keeping you guessing the whole way.

Astonishing Bobcat: Hero Worship is the first in a series of novels. It can be read as a stand alone novel. Selby is hard at work on the sequel which promises just as many twists and turns, blending mystery and adventure together as smoothly as coffee and cream.

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