Nevermore Edits October Signing

Several IPHI authors will be participating in the Nevermore Edits Signing on October 8th, 2016.

@ Mammoth Comics
4614 E. 11th Street, Tulsa, OK

1:00am to 4:00pm

Come by and see authors Adrean Messmer, Shannon Iwanski, Mac Boyle, and more!


The Start of Something Big

“Hey, would you guys like me to….”

And that’s pretty much how this all got started.

My name is Jessica and I am working on becoming a writer. I’m friends with several other writers in a group called Nevermore Edits. It’s a non-profit group that is dedicated to helping writers hone their craft. Several members are published independent writers with wonderful stories that really deserve to see a wider audience. But independent publishing is a hard business, especially in the Midwest away from the central hubs of the literary world. There are no established networks and a lot of ground to cover alone.

Recognizing the problem, I realized I knew of a few locations they could sell their books on commission. I also knew of few resellers I could possibly sell to. I was only trying to help my friends when I saw how much of a need there was for someone to be on the independent writers side. Someone who could bring all these writers and indie publishers together and present them as a unified front to buyers.

That is when I decided to create IPHI Distribution, a division of The IPHI Company (which will eventually also include my own indie publishing company, IPHI Books). As the sole proprietor of IPHI Distribution, my goal is to create that network across the Midwest of locations where indie works can be sold. This way writers and buyers only have to deal with one person, rather than each group on their own.

I’m not an agent, I’m not a publisher. I’m simply a middle man.

This why I’m doing this for free, at least for the foreseeable future. I only want to help build a bridge that is sorely needed, one that I will probably want to use for myself in the future as well.

First steps on building this bridge: get this website up and finished, get the publication catalog finalized, and coffee, lots of decaf coffee.